How to Curl Hair by Twisting It

If you are searching for  curl hair by twisting it? If yes then you have reached the right place.

The current trend in women’s hairstyles is for it to be curled loosely. It doesn’t matter if you refer to them as “beachy waves” or “soft curls,” their popularity cannot be denied. If you weren’t blessed with hair that was already flawlessly wavy when you were born, you’re probably looking for the quickest and easiest way to attain this look right now.

How to Curl Hair by Twisting It
How to Curl Hair by Twisting It

Try something a little less complicated before you grab for the curling iron or the hot rollers. Curl hair by twisting it before you curl it, you can save time and protect your hair from damage at the same time.

Steps To Curl Hair By Twisting it

Here are the following steps that help you to curl hair by Twisting it. Let’s have a look. 

Prep Your Hair

It is essential that you perform this step on damp hair rather than on wet hair if you have hair that is fine to medium in texture. After you have finished showering and your hair has air dried about halfway, you can proceed with this approach. You can just use a spray bottle to add some moisture to your hair if you don’t feel like taking a shower or don’t need to. If you do the curls on moist hair, they will last the longest.

It is highly recommended that any tangles be removed before beginning the twisting process. Comb your hair carefully using a comb with wide teeth to prevent it from breaking.

You can increase the hold of your curls by using a product before you starting  curl hair by twisting them. This will help your curls stay in place. Use curling mousse, holding spray, or texturizing sea salt spray on your hair if it has a fine to medium texture and is straight to wavy in appearance.

Creating Your Twists

The number of sections that you will need to make is determined by two factors: the amount of hair that you have and whether or not you want your curls to be tight or loose. When you utilize more hair in each twist, the resulting curls will be less tight and more loose. In other words, if you want your curls to be looser, you should do a thick twist with two large chunks of hair rather than a slender twist with two small pieces of hair.

How to Curl Hair by Twisting It
How to Curl Hair by Twisting It

To get the hair away from your face, divide a segment into two pieces, and then starting curl hair by twisting those sections around each other. When you twist your hair more tightly, you will get a tighter curl, and vice versa. You should twist the hair as far down as you can, and then you should use a thin elastic band to seal the end of the twist.

If you worked with hair that was moist, it is essential that you wait until your hair has completely dried before removing your twists.

Styling Your Curls

Before you take out your hair ties, go through each twist and give it a light press with your fingertips to make sure it is thoroughly dry. If such is the case, you can start the process of unwinding them. Take out your hair tie, and using your fingers, unravel the twist in a slow and careful manner. Do not brush your hair because doing so will cause it to become extremely frizzy.

After you have removed all of your twists, you should run your fingers through your hair. This will assist in blending the parts back together, as well as working out any knots that may have formed.

How to Curl Hair by Twisting It

Wrapping Up

So we hope after reading this post you will get enough information about curl hair by Twisting it.

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