How to Curl Wet Hair in 2022

Do you want to know how to curl wet hair in 2022? So keep reading this post till the end.

To give your hair more bounce or volume, or even just to experiment with a different appearance, curling it is a terrific technique to do. The use of curling irons and blow dryers can, however, cause your curl wet hair to become dry, brittle, and split at the ends. If, on the other hand, you want to achieve the look you want without compromising your hair’s resilience, smoothness, or shine, you should try curling your hair while it is still damp using curlers, rollers, or other styling products that do not generate heat.

How to Curl Wet Hair in 2022
How to Curl Wet Hair in 2022

Either wash your hair and pat it dry with a towel afterward, or start with dry hair and use a spray bottle to add some moisture to it. Either way, you’ll be ready to go in no time.

Steps To Curl Wet Hair

Here are different steps to curl wet hair. Let’s have a look.

Braiding Your Hair

To untangle your hair, comb it through using a brush that has wide teeth. If you detangle your hair first, braiding it will be much simpler and the finished product will be much nicer. When combing wet hair, exercise caution because the hair is more prone to breakage.

Put your hair into ponytails and tie it back. Create two ponytails on either side of your central part and part your hair down the middle. Put a stretchy band around each ponytail so that they stay in place. Make four or even six ponytails to achieve curls that are more defined. You can do a single ponytail if you want your hair to have loose curls.

Braid your ponytails. The first step in turning a ponytail into a braid is to disentangle it into three distinct portions. Maintain a tight grip on each piece as you work your way outward, starting from the area close to the head. At a minimum of four to five hours, let your braids dry. You can either let your braids dry overnight or wear them out and about while you are doing so. When your hair is finished drying, remove the ties from the elastic bands, carefully undo your braids, and give your curls a good shake.

Using a Headband

Utilizing a comb with large teeth, comb through your wet hair. To get rid of any tangles, run the comb through your hair in a slow and gentle motion. If you detangle your hair first, then curl it, you’ll end up with curls that are neater. Because damp hair is more prone to breakage when it is combed too roughly, it is important to work gently and smoothly.

How to Curl Wet Hair in 2022
How to Curl Wet Hair in 2022

Make a loop in the headband using a portion of your hair. Take a section of hair on one side of your face and move it to the other. The section should be as wide as you want the curl wet hair.

Using Hair Rollers

Although using hair rollers to curl your hair can be a more challenging option, it is a tried-and-true method that has been around for a long time. Make sure you obtain wet-set rollers, as some rollers aren’t meant for wet hair. You may get curls of varying sizes and shapes by using rollers that come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes; therefore, you might want to experiment with a few various kinds until you find the one that works best for you. Just make sure to look at the back of the container to see if they can be used on wet hair.

If you plan to leave the rollers in your hair overnight, select soft rollers. An excellent substitute for putting rollers in your hair as you go about your everyday activities is to just let your curls set while you sleep. Choose rollers manufactured from a soft material, such as foam or silicone, in order to sleep in a natural position pleasantly, nevertheless.

How to Curl Wet Hair in 2022
How to Curl Wet Hair in 2022

Wrapping Up

Here are the following different steps that show how to curl wet hair in 2022. After reading this post you will get enough to know how to curl wet hair.

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