How To Get Curly Hair For Men in 2022

Do you want to know how to get curly hair for men? So keep reading the post till the end.

You may be asking how to acquire curly hair for men if you have straight hair. Fortunately, with the correct men’s styling products and tools, straight hair may be wavy. As long as you don’t have very short hair that won’t curl, this guide will show you how easy it is to achieve a wavy or curly hairstyle with thick, straight hair.

How To Get Curly Hair For Men in 2022

Check out our step-by-step guide to perming or curly hair for men , which includes the best hair style products and blow dryers for long-lasting curls.

How To Make Curly Hair For Men

Most mens would be astonished to realise that curling their hair is a basic and uncomplicated technique. To curl short, medium, and long men’s hair, you’ll need three primary products: a heat protection spray, sea salt spray, and a hair dryer.

To Curl Men’s Hair

Follow these techniques for the best chance of getting curls that will stay in place all day.

  • You should wash your hair. To begin, you’ll need clean, moist hair. Damp hair is simpler to style and handle in general, and sea salt sprays work best on wet strands. Use a high-quality, all-natural, revitalising shampoo and conditioner to wash your hair. After that, towel dry but leave it moist.
  • Use your heat protector. Using a heat protection spray will not only prevent your hair from heat damage that may cause it to dry out or frizz, but it will also allow your hair to dry faster once you begin blow drying it.
  • To achieve wavy or curly hair with movement, use sea salt spray. Apply a good sea salt spray to your hair. Lift your hair from the root and apply evenly to spread. Alternatively, you can work it through with your hands to ensure it gets from root to tip. The sea salt spray is essential for creating textured, natural-looking waves and curls.
How To Get Curly Hair For Men in 2022

Straighten your hair

After you’ve prepped your hair, use a decent blow dryer to create the curls. If you have a diffuser attachment, use it to evenly distribute the heat throughout your head. This will distribute the heat to improve the curling effect, increase  volume, and reduce frizz and heat damage. If your hair drier lacks a diffuser, just remove the nozzle to generate a wider stream of air.

Curl up your hair

To get waves in your hair, curly hair for men ,dry it from the bottom up and place the air directly on the roots, pushing up. While applying heat to various locations, use your other hand to scrunch the sections where the heat is touching to activate the sea salt spray’s hold. Add more salt spray as your hair becomes dryer for an even curlier effect.

Make distinct curls

To achieve a more defined style, guys can try wrapping little strands around their fingers and blasting heat directly on the hair. If specific regions are still not wavy, re-spray with sea salt spray and blow dry as needed.

Apply a styling product for hold and texture

When your hair is completely dry, apply a pliable pomade or cream to keep your curls in place. Feel free to finish styling your hair with your fingers at this point to achieve the desired style.

How To Get Curly Hair For Men in 2022

Bottom Line 

Straight-haired guys often spend time attempting to find out how to get the curly hair for men with natural or thick texture have had from birth. While guys with curly hair are heading in the opposite way, these two groups of men have one thing in common: the hair makeover they desire is difficult to obtain.

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